In 2016 I attended the School for Poetic Computation, an artist residency and school at 155 Bank Street, West Village, NYC. I felt in love with the craft of programming and the expressive potential of the computer.

Since then I've been making art and trying to articulate a more poetic and inclusive view of technology, something that feels to me like modern witchcraft.

In 2016 I designed a program for an multimedia installation at the Gowanus Loft in Brooklyn, NY. Using Node.js and WebSockets, I created a web app that sent dance instructions from one device to another, allowing the audience to control the dancers movements.

In addition to art-making, I am a teacher and workshop facilitator. I taught two workshops entitled 'Witchcraft and Code' at Moogfest 2017, and a 10 week high school class on programming and computer ethics.